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Community Health Network is one of the pioneer networks serving Montana. Insurance companies, Third Party Administrators (TPA's) and other employers have made CHN their network of choice because of the strength of our network, competitive pricing and access to healthcare providers throughout the state.

The Network

Our network has nearly 3,000 physicians and other healthcare professionals, 50 hospitals and facilities, and over 20,000 member enrollees. As our network grows our capabilities and access expands to meet the increasing healthcare needs of Montanans. When providers and payors come together in our network through negotiations the result is mutually beneficial healthcare costs that can be passed on to their clients and patients.

Physicians and other healthcare providers are paid on a fee-for-service basis and hospitals and other healthcare facilities are paid on the basis of individually negotiated rates and discounts per case. CHN negotiates rate schedules and payment arrangements to ensure the benefits of our network are enjoyed by everyone.

Claim Pricing

With questions regarding claim pricing please contact Community Health Network.

Access to Community Health Network

CHN takes great pride in our efforts to ensure healthcare is available to participants throughout Montana.

Our policies, driven by the ideals of connectivity, provide many benefits to the payor accessing the network. Your relationship with CHN provides you with:

  • Cost Savings. Our payors save on average 2 million in claims costs per year.

  • Outstanding Customer Service. Your satisfaction with our service is paramount. Whether it's claims, provider issues with enrollees or any other matter you'll get the service and response you deserve.

  • A Voice in the Process. Payors always have a seat at our table. We listen to our customers and utilize your experience and expertise as we continually develop our business to meet your needs.

The relationships we build mutually benefit payors, providers and patients as well. Payors interested in accessing our network are welcome to speak with us directly or contact us via email. We look forward to building a successful relationship with you!

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