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Community Health Network is a PPO network serving the communities of Montana from rural clinics to the largest hospitals around the state. Our network has nearly 3,000 physicians and other healthcare professionals, 50 hospitals and facilities, and over 20,000 member enrollees. As our network grows our capabilities and access expands to meet the increasing healthcare needs of Montanans.

CHN is constantly finding innovative solutions to improve healthcare in Montana. It was developed by individuals with a variety of medical service, medical management and business management experience to create a network that builds lasting relationships between insurance companies, healthcare providers and the communities of people who need access to healthcare services. As a result, the efforts of CHN have enabled Montanans to access healthcare without compromising the financial resources of providers, payors, third party administrators and employers.

CHN is working to benefit everyone by reducing costs. We are not an insurance company or a healthcare provider. Rather, we are in place to assist both. Our network coordinates with medical professionals and insurance providers to support health benefit plans, and reduce expenses to all.

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